The Riddle of Immortality

Some small elect of the world are immortal. No one, not even the great sages, have determined why.

Some Theories


The Elect? are cursed to never escape their mortal existence in this plane. They cannot leave, not even death will let them escape.

Pawns of the Gods

The Revelation of Magic? in Edalie has caused the Gods some consternation. In order for their peoples to prosper, some of them must be given additional gifts in order to protect the rest of the flock, and to act as the Chosen of the Gods.

Serial Immortality

The Elect? are given the gift of Serial Immortality?. This gift allows them to return to life after some time (usually 2 to 5 minutes), for some limited number of times per day. The exact nature and rules of the immortality are not known. Sometimes, the immortal gift is given freely, and the Elect may come back many times, sometimes dozens of times in a single battle. Sometimes the gift is scarce, and no life is given in the same day. Sometimes, everyone upon the same battlefield will be granted the same number of lives, and sometimes the lives will not be evenly gifted (wielders of magic are often given short shrift).

When one of the Elect is granted no further gift of life on a particular day, they are called Shattered?, and will appear no more until some time later. Often (usually) this is several hours later or the next day, although sometimes they do not return for a week, months, or years. There is no way to know what the Shattering Time? will be, and the Elect do not know themselves whence they have gone, or why they tarried there for so long.

Known Variations

  • A group limit is sometimes imposed. When the Gods or Fates have determined that your cause has no more fervor, you cease to revive. This is often the most cruel form of the Gift. The Elect can often tell that their cause is desperate, and will spend their lives quickly in order to diminish their rivals. A battle will rage cruelly for hours, and at some point, you simply do not awaken again. Or you find that your friends no longer return to help you, and you are left facing a superior foe who have husbanded their life more carefully, and will show you and your vassals no mercy.
  • The egalitarian limit. The Gift sometimes grants an equal number of lives to all participants. You can feel the Shattering Time approaching in these scenarios, but you can guess the limits of your friends and foes alike.
  • The limit of the Trade Magicians?. Often the Gift is given unevenly, and the Trade Magicians and other wielders of arcane power receive a smaller boon than their more vigorous compatriots.
  • The Valhalla limit. It is curious that the Gift is usually given most freely when there exists the least need for it. Often, members of the Elect will choose to do battle with each other in the Lists, or in great shows of lethal Martial prowess. Generally, it is acknowledged that the mere mortal do not participate in these contests (not for lack of skill, but for their inherent lethality). The Gift is only rarely withheld during the Lists (particularly poor performance usually being a prime indicator of an early Shattering), and virtually never withheld for long during general sport melee?.